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What is a Cloud Instance ?

Cloud Instances are instances which could be accessed from anywhere and any time to fit your computing requirements, its completely designed for customers needs, its easily extendable, cost effective, fast, secure and it could easily be deployed in seconds.

Which operating systems are supported ?

You can find all your requirements in our wide template repository to answer your business or personal needs. We currently support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Microsoft Windows production ready templates and will be adding more templates and applications soon. We are currently working on supporting CoreOS, OpenSUSE and FreeBSD operating systems. Please note that it is client responsibility to purchase license for Windows.

How may i use security services ?

Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) provides hardware-based security technologies at an international level which provide therefore a solid security foundation and platform. Intel TXT is specifically designed to harden platforms from the emerging threats of hypervisor attacks, BIOS, or other firmware attacks, malicious root kit installations, or other software-based attacks. It increases protection by allowing greater control of the launch stack through a Measured Launch Environment (MLE) and enabling isolation in the boot process. More specifically, it extends the Virtual Machine Extensions (VMX) environment of Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT), permitting a verifiably secure installation, launch, and use of a hypervisor or operating system (OS).

How our datas are stored at Cloude?

Your datas are 3 times replicated over our storage infrastructure, with this design your datas did not effect from any physical hardware failures on storage layer. Your snapshots are stored on an independent separate storage from the main storage.

How could i take backup of the instance?

You could click on snapshot button on the control panel to take snapshot(backup) of your instance and you could easily deploy new instances from this backup.

Do we have high availability support ?

In case of any problems on the hypervisor on your running cloud instance, the automatic activation of another available hypervisor enables you to merely concentrate on your needs and business goals.

May i get information about data center locations?

All our cloud infrastructure are hosted in data centers which are certified by international authorities as Tier 4, being the highest industry standards. In Romania our infrastructure is hosted at NXData Bucharest. In Turkey our infrastructure is hosted at IBM Turkey Datacenters which are located in Levent/İstanbul and Bayraklı/İzmir. We will soon open new data center locations in Frankfurt/Germany, Amsterdam/Holland, Sofia/Bulgaria.

What if I'm tax exempt?

Please contact our support to set up a tax exempt status. Please note, customers with a tax exempt status are still responsible for service fees as they are mentioned on Site. If the necessary paperwork is received in our office indicating you are tax exempt, you will not be required to pay VAT and can request a VAT refund where applicable.

About promotion codes

Promotion codes (also known as coupons or vouchers) offer a credit to an user's account. There's no way to ask for a promotion code, but we will occasionally give out promotional codes as part of specific offers. In order to use your credit, you'll also need to have entered billing details in your account. Also, keep in mind that promotional credit is good only for buying products on If you cancel your account before spending the entire credit, the remaining balance can't be refunded. Offers might require you to meet certain criteria before the promotion code will be provided. After your account meets the requirements mentioned in the promotional material, and the promotion code was introduced at Invoice & Billing > Promotion Code, the credit will typically appear on your account, up right of the screen. Once a day your balance will be updated decreasing from your account current credit the fees of the used services that appear at Invoice & Payments > Usage details. At the beginning of each month an invoice will be issued with the value of the credit received, invoices can be queried at Invoice & Payments > Invoice. Promotion code shall be used before its expiring date. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us using Support section.

How do you bill my instances?

All packages are charged hourly. The usage under one hour is calculated as one hour. If an instance runs more then 672 hours in a month(28 days), this instance usage will be calculated and charged for its monthly price.

When do you charge and generate invoices?

Beginning of each month we create invoices and charge this invoices from your credit card.

Whats the minimum usage unit on your platform?

Minimum usage unit is 1 hour, if you use an instance like less then a hour then we will calculate it as 1 hour.

When do you charge my credit card?

We calculate your monthly usage on the starting of each month and if its above 5 EUR limit then we charge directly to your credit card, if its below the limit then it will be charged on next billing period. If your balance will reach 25 EUR limit in a month then it will instantly charged from your credit card. If billing system could not process the amount from credit card, it will retry periodically to process it. After 7 days of retry if it could not succeed then your account will be suspended and you could not access your virtual machines.

Do you charge shutdown stated instances?

Yes, we continue to charge the instances hourly if they are also in shutdown state. Every instances holds and IP address, storage capacity and etc. so it uses our capacity so thats why we continue to charge it. We recommend you to destroy your instance if you do not plan to use it or you could take a snapshot backup to deploy a new instance anytime later from it. Snapshot prices are lower then instance prices.

Whats the price for Snapshots?

Snapshot prices are calculated from the snapshot disk size, and it is $0.000085 hourly per GB (VAT excluded).

Pre-authorization tax

When you sign up for and provide card details, an 1EUR pre-authorization (pre-provision) charge is made on your credit or debit card to ensure your card is valid before buying any product. We void that charge immediately when it’s made so you are never actually charged. Pre-authorization is normally valid for 1-15 days, periods vary between issuing banks, so pre-authorization tax may be refunded in the same day or 15 days later. Please note that while a pre-authorization entry may appear on your statement, the value will never actually be deducted from your account. If you have further questions please contact our Support.